Mar. 6 – Amnesty International Group 4 Monthly Meeting

Join us for our monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 6, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the den at the Mosaic Coffee House, 4401 2nd Ave NE. First half hour is letter writing and socializing. Meeting starts at 7 pm.

Discussion will likely include upcoming events, including Amnesty International USA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Denver from Mar. 30 – Apr. 1 and an event on Troy Davis: The Human Face of the Death Penalty at the Keystone United Church of Christ (5019 Keystone Place N, Seattle) 5-6:30 pm on Sat. Mar. 17 (details to be posted here soon).

The Mosaic Coffee House is a nonprofit coffee house located in Seattle First Church (behind the Dick’s Drive In on 45th Street in the Wallingford Neighborhood). Check for directions, free parking and bus line information at:

Facebook Event for Mar. Meeting:

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