VENUE CHANGE: Tues. Oct. 7 Amnesty International Monthly Meeting

Join us for our monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 7, now at the Chaco Canyon Cafe in the U District (4757 12th Avenue NE) from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  Table reserved on the south side of café. First half hour is letter writing and socializing. Meeting starts at 7 pm.

Our former meeting place, the Mosaic Coffee House, will no longer be open evenings now that they’re reopening, so we’ll add a discussion on a new meeting place to the other items on the agenda.

Cases we’ll be discussing and writing letters on include (at the request of a visitor from Mexico) students killed and disappeared in Guerrero, Mexico (a case that looks even grimmer, as mass graves have been discovered recently) and  a case adaption by Group 4 of Syrian citizen journalist Ali Mahmoud Othman, disappeared by the Syrian government in March 2012, and not seen from since he appeared on Syrian state TV in May 2012 explaining Ali had been arrested for being a media worker who co-operated with”external powers plotting against Syria.”

Also upcoming events including  an “I am Troy Davis” book discussion in November and an upcoming lobby delegation focused on End Racial Profiling Act, and International Violence Against Women Act.

Chaco Canyon Cafe University District location (including driving, bus and bike information) at:

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