Amnesty International USA on Police Accountability

In early August, AIUSA released “The World Is Watching, Mass Violations By U.S. Police Of Black Lives Matter Protester’s Rights.” The report contains interviews with protesters (including several in Seattle), Recommendations, and a listing of Good Practices to ensure the right to peaceful protest.

A copy of the Report has been forwarded to the Seattle Police Department, Washington Attorney General Bob Fergusen, and the entire Seattle City Council.

The website includes actions that can be taken from home, a link to the full Report, an Interactive Map showing what has happened in your area, and video taken at several protests.

As we have seen within the last month, police violence against unarmed African-American men remains an issue. International law enforcement standards require that force of any kind be used only when no other means are available.

Please take time to read the Report and take action to bring America into compliance with International standards.

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