April 8 – I am Troy Davis: The Human Impact of the Death Penalty

Join us and our other allies from the Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (WCADP) for:

I am Troy Davis: The Human Impact of the Death Penalty – Seattle
April 8 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Woodland Park Presbyterian Church
225 N 70th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Kimberly Davis, Troy’s sister, and Jen Marlowe, author of I am Troy Davis, will be leading a discussion about the book and about Davis’s case.

Vigil for Troy Davis at Westlake - October 23, 2008

Vigil for Troy Davis at Westlake – October 23, 2008

Other participants include:
Jesse Hagopian, Teacher, Garfield High School
Gerald Hankerson, president of Seattle and WA State NAACP
Brynn Smith, Outreach Coordinator, ACLU of Washington
Mary Paterson, Organizer, No New Jim Crow, Seattle

The event will commemorate the life and legacy of Troy Davis, expose the human impact of the death penalty system, and continue the important discussion of abolition in Washington state–a discourse that has gained significant traction since Governor Inslee’s announcement of a moratorium on executions. Similar events have been held this fall/winter in New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Savannah, Austin, Olympia, Bellingham, Denver, Los Angeles and Chicago.

On September 21, 2011 Troy Anthony Davis was put to death by the state of Georgia. Davis’ execution was protested by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, and Pope Benedict XVI, President Jimmy Carter, and 51 members of Congress all appealed for clemency. How did one man capture the world’s imagination, and become the iconic face for the campaign to end the death penalty?

I Am Troy Davis, coauthored by Jen Marlowe and Davis’ sister Martina Davis-Correia, tells the intimate story of an ordinary man caught up in an inexorable tragedy. From his childhood in racially-charged Savannah; to the confused events that led to the 1989 shooting of a police officer; to Davis’ sudden arrest, conviction, and two-decade fight to prove his innocence; I Am Troy Davis takes us inside a broken legal system where life and death hangs in the balance. It is also an inspiring testament to the unbreakable bond of family, to the resilience of love, and that even when you reach the end of justice, voices from across the world will rise together in chorus and proclaim, “I am Troy Davis”, I stand with you.

RSVP on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/421256444680239/

Events in Olympia and Lacey as well: https://www.facebook.com/WCADP/events

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