April 1- Seattle Amnesty International Meeting

Join us for our monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 1, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the den at the Mosaic Coffee House, 4401 2nd Ave NE. First half hour is letter writing and socializing. Meeting starts at 7 pm.

It may be a light meeting and we’re open for agenda items.

We will feature Amnesty’s Urgent Action Network, including signing up, action sheets and possibly hand writing some letters if we have time.

Ways to get involved with our local group, including suggestions for our Area Coordinator Larry Ebersole is another possible discussion. Suggestions (descriptions posted in full below) include Media Watch and Response, Case Coordinator for Individual at Risk/Communities at Risk and Prisoner of Conscience, and a Human Rights Book Club.

Human rights books are another possible topic of discussion (with or without a plan for a book club/reading group). Read any good human rights books lately? Share with the group!

Upcoming events for April include AIUSA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Chicago, “I am Troy Davis: The Human Impact of the Death Penalty” event (see previous post) and Lobby Day.

The Mosaic Coffee House is a nonprofit coffee house located in Seattle First Church (behind the Dick’s Drive In on 45th Street in the Wallingford Neighborhood).

The Mosaic’s website: http://www.mosaiccoffeehouse.org/


Working Groups for Local Group 4 Message:

Dear Local Group 4 and friends;

I am often asked by guests to a Local Group meeting, how “can we become more active” (engaged with the advocacy work of AIUSA Local Group 4 of Seattle).

Here are a few ways that can be self-directed with advising on request from both bigger AIUSA, as well, Area Coordinator – Larry E.

Available ways to become involved in developing and working within Group 4 of Seattle:

1) Media Watch and Response:
Open to new and less new participants. Review the media in the Puget Sound, and reply to human rights topics via letter to editor, and more.
Requirements: Interest and willingness. Although this is self-directed advocacy within the structures of both Local, Regional, and “big” AIUSA, Larry E. will also be available to advise anyone with questions that can arise.

2) Case Coordinator for Individual at Risk/Communities at Risk and Prisoner of Conscience:
Work with the national AIUSA to locate the next Group 4 Individual/Prisoner of Conscience. This is a long term project, and will overlap with the larger Group 4; one or two people can initiate this important advocacy work.

3) Human Rights Book Club:
AI Canada has started such a project, and sends out a suggested read, as well, action suggestions. One way to be involved in simply to join this effort. Requirements: willingness to read in English language. Optional requirement: share actions and/or book ideas with the larger Group 4.

4) What are your ideas?
How would you write your own volunteer job description to do advocacy within AIUSA Local Group 4? Please do so! Then share it. This is a cooperative adventure. I strive to include “all voices” –


Larry (Ebersole)
Meeting Facilitator AIUSA Local Group 4 of Seattle
AIUSA Area Coordinator in WA
My email: wordheath@gmail.com

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