Petitions, T-shirts & a Raffle for an iPod Shuffle & Pearl Jam vs Ames

Stop by our Amnesty International booth at the Fremont Fair this weekend, Saturday June 19 & Sunday June 20! In addition to our usual petitions, pins, literature and t-shirts; we will be holding a raffle for a 2 GB silver iPod shuffle and a copy of Pearl Jam vs. Ames Bros: 13 Years of Tour Posters.

We will have information and petitions out on topics including Counter Terror with Justice (closing Guantanamo, ending torture), Demand Dignity (current focus on ending high rates of maternal mortality in the US and around the world), Death Penalty Abolition (take a flyer for our vigil on the evening of June 22 for Troy Davis), and Individuals at Risk (including prisoners of conscience Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma/Myanmar and Shi Tao in China).

Our raffle tickets for the 2 GB Silver iPod Shuffle and Pearl Jam vs Ames Bros book will be 1 ticket for $2, 3 tickets for $5 and 7 tickets for $10 (and we’ll have separate tickets for each). Drawing will be at our AI booth at 5 pm, Sunday, June 20 (you need not be present to win, just make sure to include contact info such as your e-mail address or phone number on the ticket). 

Money raised will go to postage (air mail stamps are currently 98 cents each), photocopies and putting on human rights events throughout the year. We are a local, all volunteer group.

Our location has moved from our usual spot at the Fremont Fair this year. We are just past Evanston Ave. N on N 35th St., the next street west of Fremont, just past the Rocket (it’s a block north from where most of the booths are on 34th, sorry for the earlier mis-direction).

Find out more about the Fremont Fair, including the Solstice Parade, music schedules and directions at:

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